Prenatal & Postnatal Aquatic & Massage Therapy

Our goal at Aqua Care for Me is to help make pregnancy and motherhood a more enjoyable and pain free experience, and empowering women to reach their optimal state of health, relaxation and well-being for years to come. We want to help celebrate the birth of a renewed, fit, and beautiful you!


watsu for pregnancywatsu for pregnancy

    Common pregnancy symptoms such as backache, swelling, heaviness, tiredness, sciatica, tight muscles can all be helped with Watsu®, ultimately preparing mother-to-be to open up fully with greater ease during labor. Through deep breathing, verbal and nonverbal communication, therapeutic touch, movement and the increased oxygen to the brain and body the receiver can begin to trust in her own ability to reach a natural “state of being.” Watsu® gives the mother-to-be a deep sense of connection with her baby and vice versa. Watsu® is used frequently, often weekly, during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. Both mother and child experience a new freedom and expansion benefiting both. One women, 8 ½ months pregnant, described her experience as “I had not felt this relaxed in such a long time” and “I felt free from my aches and pains” (Loren F.)


    Couple Watsu®, a soothing spiritual journey and exploration of mental intimacy where 2 practitioners work with a couple (husband-wife, mother-daughter etc.). Imagine yourself floating in WARM water with the one you love, an embrace that has no words, re-energizing your relationship, practicing non-verbal communication with increased intimacy and flowing heart connection….a deeply bonding experience!


    Pregnancy massage focuses on the unique needs of the expectant mother and her baby as she goes through the miraculous changes associated with the childbearing year. Prenatal massage brings relief from swelling, stress, muscle cramps, and provides comfort to the mother-to-be. Cushions and pillows are used to place you in a relaxing side-lying position to ensure proper spinal alignment and support. Fascia Release, Mild stretching and light Swedish massage strokes are then used to soothe your sore body. You will leave the session feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated! Not only can massage be physically beneficial, but the human touch can be comforting and provide emotional support during pregnancy.


    A personalized aquatic fitness program designed for yourself or for a small group class, focuses specifically on pre and postpartum needs and precautions. We blend aqua therapy and fitness along with Water Tai Chi Ai Chi), water pilates & yoga techniques, shallow and deep water exercises, balance and stabilization training and core conditioning. Water fitness is not only “Doctor Recommended” but also helps new moms recover from pain while unloading compressive forces on the joints and spine. It’s also psychologically soothing, incorporating yogic breathing, relaxation, visualization techniques to help eliminate stress or tension in the body. The buoyant effect of water allows mothers to exercise with no-impact, no jarring, and easier range of motion, allowing the pregnant body to move in ways not possible on land.

Additional Benefits of Prenatal and Postnatal Water Exercise:

      • Exercise in the water is becoming more popular during the prenatal period and offers many benefits for the pregnant mother, both physiological and psychological. A study published in the Journal of Perinatal Education (2003 Winter;12 (1): 6–17) reported that aquatic exercise during pregnancy benefits the mother and baby by reducing psychological stress. If pregnant, exercising in water IS good for both you and your baby.
      • Water provides a safe, inspiring atmosphere that women can use and enjoy as their bodies change and grow. Some of the key discomforts associated with pregnancy are increased weight, swelling, as well as a tendency to overheat more easily. The hydrostatic pressure of the water helps to alleviate edema and swelling, and since water has a cooling effect, women can work hard without compromise. The pool helps to prevent overheating during aerobic exercise.
      • Water Aerobics may help ease delivery: A recent study in Reproductive Health found that moms who did water aerobics three-times per week throughout their pregnancies made 38% fewer requests for an epidural during labor than women who didn’t work out at all. Exercise increases uterine blood flow and pelvic circulation, which is essential to grow a healthy baby and may help ease the pain of contractions.

Ask about the Discounted Package Rate for 5 or 10 Watsu or Massage sessions.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits for prenatal and postnatal aquatic therapy and fitness, see the following article:
“O, Baby, Baby: Complementing Tradition Pregnancy Practices” -Well Magazine (Spring 2008)