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Floating Sound Bath

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Floating Sound Bath

Have you wanted to embrace the serene settings of your soul?  Is your mind logical but somehow spun out of reason? Questions like these have spurned the growth of the burgeoning sound therapy industry.  Based on ancient healing techniques aquatic therapy is designed to harness the vibratory energy of every cell in the body to achieve its “Resonant Frequency” the practice of “Sounds Baths” functions as a massage to soothe the body and a meditation to ease the mind.  

Science recently began to unravel the principles involved and there is a vibratory force that exists in all objects.  Some sources like the noise and activity of city life can distort the energetic build up and deteriorate the healthy cells in our bodies.  Our cells vibrate as living organism to seek homeostasis; by introducing an environment free from violent distractions the use of water can be become a sensory deprivation element.

Floating weightless in warm water with the world sealed off visually and aurally the mind begins to clear the persuasion of thoughts and fine tune the brain’s perception of sound; this clears our auditory system, and balances the energy centers of the body (the chakras); all of which awaken the intuitive and creative part of the brain, balance the nervous system, and release anxiety to offer a meditative state. Peace fills the mind and allows for the real physical and spiritual healing to take over.

To combat this daily fatigue even further one of the leading establishments practicing the technique of aquatic therapy is located in Los Angeles’ backyard, the San Fernando Valley.  Aqua Care For Me takes the traditional Watsu® (floating massage) and intuitively integrates Sound Bowls.  Relax to a melody that sets the beat of your vibrations to the rhythm of pure nature.  

Sound waves travel much faster and farther underwater, versus through air. Think of how whales communicate, by sending underwater sound signals, capable of traveling miles across the ocean. Or the simple power of music — to bring joy, inspiration, and energy. Sound waves can travel at velocities faster than the speed of light, and that the velocity of sound waves can become infinite.

Aqua Care For Me serenades their clients with Quartz Crystal singing bowls.  Quartz being a mineral praised for properly charged electrical properties is the ideal component engineer instruments such as watches, cell phones, and computers because of their ability to convert electrical energy into vibrational energy and vice versa, thus allowing these systems to work together in harmony. In the case of the singing bowl, made almost entirely out of quartz crystals, a striker is used to apply pressure to the perimeter of the bowl converting the energy to a form that re-calibrates the body. Each bowl is designed to sound a specific note in the musical scale and helps balance the chakra designated to that note.

The reviews from those fortunate enough to have already experienced the combination of Sound Therapy and Aquatic Therapy provide astounding results for pain and stress relief, improved sleeping and increased energy.  With most clients experiencing a deep state of relaxation and some describing an intense release of emotions scheduling a floating could be the answer to the quest for relaxation.

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