Water Benefits

Exercising in the water provides several benefits that exercise on land can not:

  • Water limits joint impact and enhances joint stability
  • Isokinetic resistance of water helps tone muscles and improve abdominal/core strength
  • Excellent for aerobic and muscular conditioning after injury or before/after pregnancy
  • Faster progress with less pain and increased stamina
  • Hydrostatic pressure decreases edema and swelling
  • Improves circulation, balance, and proprioceptive training
  • Targets separate muscle groups and adds unique variety to land-based exercise regimens

Additional Benefits

  • INJURY PREVENTION: Water exercise is easier on the joints than other forms of aerobic exercise; participants are less prone to injuries caused from high impact.
  • INJURY RECOVERY: Because of the reduced stress on the body, physicians often prescribe moderate water exercise as the first step in recovery.
  • ARTHRITIS: Warm water reduces arthritis symptoms, including increased mobility, reduced joint pain and decreased inflammation.
  • FAT BURNING: It is estimated that between 400-700 calories can be burned per hour of aquatic aerobic exercise.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING: Water provides 12 times the natural resistance of air, therefore you are always building muscle strength when you work out in the water.
  • CROSS TRAINING: Optimizes an exercise regimen. Substituting water exercise for regular exercise can help jump start the body back on the road to peak condition.