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Aqua Care for Me

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 by Laurie Mazzarella

I started going to Aqua Care for Me about 7 years ago. I have a connective tissue disorder and I was in a lot of pain from a flare. That was when I first met Elina and had my first Watsu session. Words cannot explain the relief I had from a pain which had become almost constant. I was relaxed for the first time in many months allowing relief. Elina is not only a very skilled aqua therapist, she has a way of making you feel comfortable as she floats you around the heated salt water pool. I felt safe in really letting go and that is not always easy for me. During the years that followed, I had Watsu sessions and also did exercises to build my muscles. I have visited during arthritis flares, cancer treatment and during times of unmitigated stress. No matter how I entered the water, I always left feeling relaxed and restored. My stress and pain levels drop, my sleep improves and I am able to cope with daily living which is difficult when one is in pain, stressed or sleep deprived. I highly recommend Aqua Care for Me for pain and stress relief, self-care and Elina for her expertise, knowledge and compassion.
Laurie Mazzarella, Sound/Drum Healing Facilitator, Your Cancer Companion, Change Your Life Through, Rhythm Facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor, Life Coach for Cancer Patients, 818-915-1220

 by Linda
amazing pool therapy

i had a reverse shoulder replacement about 10 mths ago and have finished my physical therapy but still needed to get more range of motion and it was suggested for me to try pool therapy … i googled and found elina at aqua care .. i have had only one session and it was beyond amazing .. elina is very professional and knowledgeable and really worked my whole body … i had much more range of motion in my shoulder after our class.. im

looking forward to working together and possibly getting back to where i was before surgery ..

 by Randy Krzesinski
You MUST try this!

I’ve been struggling with advancing lymphedma and neuropathy in both feet. Traditional physical therapy provided minor relief, but then I was referred to Elina at Aqua Care For Me.

She is smart, savvy, experienced, and knows her profession well. More importantly, she has a very calming demeanor, and does her work in the privacy of her home pool, which is very secluded, and one-on-one.

From the first visit onward, my symptoms (inflammation and pain) were aided by the work she did with me in the water.

I highly recommend Elina for any person who is seeking relief from body pains which have not responded to any other form of therapy.

Do yourself (and your body) a favor: book an appointment with her.

 by Loren Firestine

“Receiving a watsu session was the first time I felt relief from my chronic low back and hip pain. I felt a sense of release in pressure and achiness. The fluid movement in the warm water allowed my body to move in positions I wouldn’t have been able to do out of the water. It felt so freeing to be able to get into those positions. Not being able to stretch and move freely without any pain has been both physically and mentally draining for me. The watsu session gave me back my body! During the session, I could feel my blood circulating all over. I would open my eyes from time to time and was amazed in the positions my body was able to get to without any discomfort. I don’t think I have ever walked out of a regular massage feeling the same release of tension in my joints and muscles as I did with Watsu. Many times after a massage, I felt so beat up that I needed to take a pain reliever to reduce the inflammation. The Watsu session, on the other hand, didn’t feel so harsh on my body. I automatically felt comfortable and safe in Elina’s arms. Elina took me to this blissful state of being. That evening, I had one of the most restful night sleeps in a long time.”

 by Deborah Jones

“When I first met Elina, I had a terrible slip and fall on my bathroom. I was just totally crushed! I had to start using a walker. Going up and down stairs and walking around became so difficult. I took a leave of absence at work and went on temporary Disability. So since I’ve been working with her, my knee feels 10,000 times better; I’ve lost over 30lbs, happier, more physically active and motivated. Elina asked me when we first spoke what was my goal with Aquatic Therapy. I told her, “I want to get off this walker and get back to work.” Well, I’m happy to say my goal has been met! I’ve really gained everything back that I had before the accident. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

 by M.W.

Watsu was foreign to me, but back pain was not so I was willing to try anything. A friend recommended Watsu and I went for it.

MAGNIFICENT! The water was so relaxing and the Watsu therapist, Elina, was perfect for this type of body work/healing. She put my mind and body at ease quickly so I could just enjoy the water, the decompression, the letting go. My muscles relaxed in the water and she skillfully and gently worked on my back, neck, everything that had tightened up from years of pain. The water provided a peace of mind and body and spirit unlike any other treatment I’ve tried (of which there have been many.)

Later in the day, I went for a walk, and for the first time in over a year, I had no pain in my lower back. I highly recommend Elina and Watsu for anything that ails you: stress in your body or even stress in your mind. Truly a transformative hour

 by Yaira Dangoor

“I had no idea what to expect before I entered the watsu session. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed every minute of the water massage. I entered the water and before I knew it the session was over; I felt like I was sleeping the whole time. It was an experience that everyone should feel. Truly a relaxing and peaceful experience. My body felt like jello when I was done. Loved every minute of it!”

 by Barbara De Witt

All the members of the Lupus Support Group were thrilled with your presentation at our March meeting! They really appreciated the video you brought as well as getting to actually see the types of equipment you use, and then doing some “moves” with you. They all started laughing when we did the hip rolls. It was great fun and informative.

Your program is exactly what rheumatologists constantly prescribe to their lupus patients. I know, because that’s how I got to you as a client. My doctor emailed me after I got the cast of my broken foot and she said, “Here’s where you’re going.” Your hands-on technique and vivacious attitude have helped me regain range of motion and muscle strength and in the process I’m getting back into shape after weeks of bed rest. I feel stronger when I walk and even look better in my jeans.

Your keen understanding of the body and creative exercises for the injured and ill, should take you far in your new career.

Thank you for taking the time to be our guest speaker; and thanks for being a great personal water therapist.