Couples Watsu®

Experience with your partner by your side a soothing spiritual journey of stillness and exploration ofmental intimacy to nourish your relationship. You will both receive a therapeutic water bodywork (Watsu) treatment and learnthe basic ways of Water Tai Chi (Ai Chi) movements and yogic breathing. With the guidance ofthe Watsu therapist, the partner will learn how to support the mom comfortably on her back, while gently moving her through the water. The partner will then learn how to apply safe massage techniques and light yogic stretches on the mom. Freed from the pull ofgravity and supported in warm water, the moms body is able to completely relax andfeel a deep sense of connection with her baby and partner.

Giving and receiving Watsu with your partner canbring back both the sweetness of being unconditionally supported, the tenderness of giving, all with nothing asked in return. 
Imagine yourself floating in warm water with the one you love, an embrace that has no words, re-energizing your relationship, practicing non-verbal communication with increased intimacy and flowing heart connection….a deeplybonding experience!


“It was a lovely experience. It was so nice to havethe space to communicate the love we have and share for each other in a placethat didn’t have words, and was separate from the mind in some ways. There wasno need for interpretation, and rebuttal, just an opening of the heart, in aspace designed for love.”

“I felt that this experience allowed us to moveharmoniously into a new area of our relationship. It surrounded us in the lovewe share for one another and helped us to make that our focal point for ourfuture.”