Personalized Aquatic Therapy 1-1 sessions are individualized to fit the clients needs. These private sessions include aquatic therapy techniques such as Water Tai Chi, core and spinal stabilization, cardio, muscle strengthening & posture and breath awareness – all focusing specifically on the clients needs and precautions. Many of the exercises and manual techniques will be offered in deep water (wearing an aqua belt) and while floating comfortably on your back aided by flotation equipment…reducing compressional forces on your joints. Some of the manual techniques offered in water are massage, acupressure, spinal traction, joint mobilization & deep or soft stretching.

Rate: $150/60min, $220/90min

WATSU® is a therapeutic WARM water massage combining eastern meridian and point work with myofascial release (massage), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and breathwork. In a warm pool, the person floats weightlessly (as our bodies are naturally buoyant, although some use small floats wrapped above the knees for added buoyancy). The head is supported by the therapist’s arm or collar while the eyes and nose are out of the water. The body is gently twisted, stretched and wafted through the water in graceful fluid movements as the therapist massages pressure points and stretches your body in ways impossible on a table.

Rate: $170/60min, $250/60min

WaterDance® is a dynamic movement therapy above and below water. With an awareness of breath and the use of nose clips, the practitioner slowly guides the client into the weightless, three-dimensionality of the underwater world where deeper levels of freedom and therapeutic release become possible. Extensions, stretches, flexions, dolphin-like movements and snake-like rhythms release not only on the physical level, but allow the deepest states of relaxation and meditation to be experienced, sometimes even returning us to memories of the womb. It is a profound therapy, in which time and space lose their meaning. Life and being become a flow.

Rate: $170/min, $250/90min

Couple Watsu® is a soothing spiritual journey and exploration of mental intimacy where a practitioner works with a couple (husband-wife, mother-daughter etc.). Imagine yourself floating in WARM water with the one you love, an embrace that has no words, re-energizing your relationship, practicing non-verbal communication with increased intimacy and flowing heart connection….a deeply bonding experience!

Rate: $275/90min

Private sessions at the convenience of your own pool (within 20 mile radius)

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Payment for services rendered is due in full at the conclusion of each visit. Cash, check, Venmo, Zelle and Paypal are accepted. This office does not bill insurance or offer superbills. 

To schedule an appointment or for more info, please call (310) 210-0624 or email us at aquacareforme@gmail.com