Jun 26th

A Natural Way to Relieve Pain and Discomfort

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Medicine today has developed an extraordinary array of products and medications capable of providing treatment and relief to those suffering from various conditions and unpleasant symptoms, but many people find that for some issues, medication can’t seem to do the trick. Whether it’s a bad back or residual pain from a car accident, stress and anxiety or limited mobility, the answer doesn’t always come in the form of a pill or other type of medication. Increasingly, people are discovering that water is capable of providing an impressive opportunity for healing and relief –especially when paired with the precise techniques and professional skill offered at Aqua Care for Me. The Los Angeles-based firm retains beautiful indoor and outdoor warm-water pools and is also available for private on-call sessions in clients’ own pool facilities, and delivers highly effective water-based treatments for clients of all ages and backgrounds.

In many cases, occasionally taking a certain medication or finding the right “cocktail” of drugs can help alleviate physical and psychological symptoms for those suffering from injuries or illnesses, but when such treatments fail to be effective, or when they don’t seem to address the issue completely or without unwanted side effects, finding a viable alternative is crucial. There are scores of options available, from traditional rehabilitation and physical therapy to land massages and beyond –but these all lack the specific advantages that the environment of the water can provide. Floating weightlessly in comfortable warm water, clients of Aqua Care for Me are able to achieve positions and flexibility that simply isn’t possible on land, and the soothing, quiet, calming medium of the water has been known to dramatically improve everything from mood to range of motion.

Whereas many medications, especially those focused on relieving pain, can cause drowsiness or produce other unfortunate mental and emotional side effects, receiving massage, rehabilitation, or exercise instruction in the water is prone to actually increase energy levels and result in a calmer yet clearer and more optimistic mind. Clients often find that they’re able to not only address physical symptoms, but can enjoy long-lasting effects for their psychological state, as well. Through treating the whole person rather than simply an isolated symptom, healing work in the water can lead to truly life-changing results.

Whether you’re tired of bouncing from one imperfect medication scheme to the next, are finding it difficult to afford pricey drug prescriptions, or are simply in search of an alternative to medications, trying out the healing powers of water and trained, compassionate human hands may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Aqua Care for Me matches the restorative abilities of warm water with a team of certified professionals who tailor each experience to individual clients’ needs. There’s far more healing potential to water than you might imagine –explore this unique treatment modality with Los Angeles’ best practitioners at Aqua Care for Me. Get started right away by calling (310) 210-0624 for more information or to schedule an appointment.