Jun 26th

Aquatic Therapy is the Safest Form of Rehabilitation

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After an injury or while recovering from a medical procedure, the prospect of rehabilitation can be challenging –and may even be a source of fear in some circumstances. Though physical therapy is widely regarded as a key component of rehabilitation, this process can sometimes be painful, uncomfortable, and inconvenient, making some patients feel as though they’ll never truly progress or be able to tackle rehabilitation with an earnest and confident effort. Many of the difficulties associated with rehabilitation have less to do with the limitations of patients than with the limitations of their environment. However, when moved to the medium of water, rehabilitation is able to provide patients with a far more comfortable and potentially more effective way to recover and heal. So-called aquatic therapy is also a favorite among many patients and their doctors because of its safety as compared to treatment modalities performed on the land; held aloft by warm water, patients are unable to fall and feel constantly supported as they weightlessly interact with a therapist.

Aquatic therapy is focused on providing patients with the same paths towards improved mobility and muscle tone, healed muscle and joint tissues, and improved balance, coordination, and everyday functioning that traditional rehabilitation aims to achieve, yet these benefits are delivered in an environment that removes the danger and discomfort of gravity. In Los Angeles, clients can turn to Aqua Care for Me, an aquatic therapy firm that specializes in creating and deploying customized aquatic therapy treatments for clients with a wide range of medical conditions and health and well-being goals.

Along with the improved safety of the aquatic environment, Aqua Care for Me helps every client feel more confident and secure by ensuring that sessions are delivered one-on-one when desired, delivering personalized attention and helping each client feel more relaxed and comforted. As the rehabilitation process not only places demands on the body but also requires significant mental focus and motivation, Aqua Care for Me’s trained professionals work towards making each session as pleasant and supportive as possible. The result, whether clients are interested in improving their range of motion after an injury, attempting to recover from chronic back problems, fighting stress or insomnia, or pursuing other goals, is an experience that soothes and heals the mind as well as the body.

Recovery and rehabilitation are never as simple as pushing a button, but with the help of aquatic therapy, they don’t have to be frustrating and dangerous processes, either. In the water, professional therapists can assist clients with movements and positions that are either too risky or simply aren’t possible to achieve on land, improving the quality, efficacy, and safety of treatment. At Aqua Care for Me, these benefits are streamlined into therapeutic offerings that infuse lives with greater health, energy, and vitality, harnessing the healing power of water and respected therapeutic techniques for rehabilitation that’s truly safe. Your own journey towards safer recovery can begin today. Get in touch with Aqua Care for Me at (310) 210-0624.