Jun 25th

Mind Healing Offered

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A Unique, New, and Safe Approach to Body and Mind Healing Offered by

The potential benefits of physical movement for recovery from injuries and procedures, as well as for treating chronic conditions and promoting better health and well-being, have been known and put to use for quite some time. Many people have sought physical therapy treatments in an effort to achieve relief from chronic pain, ease the symptoms of pregnancy or painful medical ailments, improve fitness levels, and otherwise gain a healthier and happier mind and body –yet the high-impact and gravity of treatments performed on land can be excessively strenuous, and in some cases may even prevent proper healing or exacerbate existing problems. Increasingly, people are waking up to the more advantageous environment of water, an important resource for the human body and an exceptional medium in which to practice therapy modalities.

Operating in Los Angeles, Aqua Care for Me is helping to spread awareness about the improved opportunities for health and healing with the use of warm water. The firm offers a variety of specialized treatments including Aquatic Therapy, Watsu (Warm Therapeutic Massage), Water Tai Chi and water exercise training, all of which are customized in order to ensure maximum efficacy regardless of a client’s particular needs or difficulties. Imagine floating in soothing water as a trained practitioner assists you in regaining flexibility and energy with pinpointed movements, or using the natural resistance of water to enjoy a full-body, low-impact workout that encourages muscle growth and improves overall tone. From reducing joint stress associated with pregnancy to helping chronic pain patients discover relief and with many other applications, water therapy offerings at Aqua Care for Me are making the road towards recovery and better health and well-being an easier path to tread.

Doctors and therapists have recommended exercise and other activities submerged in water for those experiencing chronic pain or hoping to achieve a more comfortable recovery from injuries or medical procedures, and Aqua Care for Me’s professional, licensed team of therapists can help clients get the most out of their underwater experience. The company’s practitioners understand the potential of the human touch to soothe and heal, and are genuinely interested in tailoring each treatment for clients to help them work towards healthier, more relaxed, pain- and stress-free lives. Aqua Care for Me doesn’t simply provide clients with a comforting and spacious pool; the team ensures that each experience is as safe, effective, and enjoyable as possible, no matter a client’s age, condition, or personal goals.

The future of healing and holistic fitness is waiting for Los Angeles residents at Aqua Care for Me. From the moment your toes delight in their introduction to the pool until you’ve completed your session, you’ll be in the very best hands –both the hands of the region’s top aquatic therapy experts and the healing hands of Mother Nature’s most abundant substance. Call Aqua Care for Me today at (310) 210-0624 to learn more or arrange for your first appointment and start your own improved path to health and happiness in the water.