Jun 26th

A Natural Reduction in Chronic Pain

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Difficulty sleeping, an inability to lift heavy objects or perform strenuous tasks, headaches, increased stress and anxiety, problems at work and in relationships: all of these are common symptoms associated with chronic pain and muscle tightness, issues that affect a large proportion of the population. Whether resulting from an injury or medical procedure or stemming from an unknown cause, chronic pain and tightness can have a substantially negative impact on a person’s quality of life, and may worsen other medical and psychological conditions or create new ones. Finding relief is a top priority among most people who suffer from these issues, yet solutions aren’t always forthcoming; traditional rehabilitation and treatment modalities can leave some patients feeling unchanged or even worse. What many modern offerings lack, however, is the simple yet revolutionary component of water, and aquatic therapy is fast becoming a favorite way to treat chronic pain, muscle tightness, and related problems.

Aqua Care for Me is bringing the many benefits of aquatic therapy to Los Angeles with its range of treatments performed in the relaxing and rejuvenating environment of the pool. As warm water keeps clients buoyant and removes the pressure and strain placed on joints in a weightless environment, clients are guided through various therapies including warm therapeutic massage & acupressure (Watsu), prenatal water exercises, water tai-chi, assisted stretching and rehabilitation, and other techniques. These treatments are carried out by highly trained professionals passionate about the potential of water to heal and soothe. While the human touch helps calm the body and mind and delivers psychological support, highly specific movements ensure that a comfortable, low-impact therapy session is enjoyed, no matter the type of treatment being used.

Suffering from chronic pain can make even the most routine activities and tasks seem difficult if not impossible, but many people have found that in the forgiving and safe environment of warm water, they’re able to let go of tension and pressure, creating an ideal state of being in which to regain mobility, confidence, and comfort. Both after an initial session and in the wake of a long-term program, Aqua Care for Me clients have experienced benefits that range from a better everyday mood to easier movement on land and drastically lowered fatigue. In some cases, the powerful combination of warm water and the skilled hands of Aqua Care for Me’s professionals is able to provide better results than medication or popular, more expensive and potentially painful land-based treatments.

It’s time to take your therapy to a new environment; one that cradles and supports your every motion rather than inhibiting your movement. Call Aqua Care for Me at (310) 210-0624 and discover for yourself how working in the warm therapeutic pool with a talented professional can win the war against chronic pain and muscle tightness. As you drift, stretch, twist, and tread, you just may find that getting in the water is the best way to give chronic pain and its many associated symptoms the boot.