Jun 26th

Treat Yourself to a Massage While Being Floated in Warm Water

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If you’ve ever experienced a truly relaxing massage, you’ve likely felt lighter, happier, and more mobile afterwards. By relaxing muscles, releasing stress and tension, and creating a state of serenity and calm, a great massage is capable not only of attending to the needs of the body, but to the needs of the mind, as well. Imagine the pleasant experience of receiving an effective massage transported to the realm of water, and you’ll begin to sense the opportunities available through Aqua Care for Me, an aquatic therapy firm that specializes in the unique treatment of water massage. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, massage clients are able to float weightlessly in Aqua Care for Me’s beautiful pools, creating a dream-like environment that’s ideal for absorbing the benefits of massage therapy.

Working with trained and experienced professionals is essential for ensuring a positive massage experience on land, and it’s no different when opting for a treatment in the water. Aqua Care for Me is staffed with talented professionals who have spent years training in and refining water massage techniques, and therapists understand that creating a kind and respectful atmosphere is essential for releasing stress and embracing the benefits that a massage session can offer. Therapists’ healing touch helps to both cradle the client and ensure they’re supported in the water while their eyes and nose are kept above the water level, and to gently twist and guide the torso and limbs in therapeutic movements that encourage tension release and the attainment of greater flexibility.

If you’ve ever found traditional massage treatments uncomfortable or not quite effective, you may be surprised at the difference that water can make. Taking the effort and strain out of getting onto a massage table and holding various positions, a water massage is ideal for anyone who has sustained a debilitating injury, is recovering from an accident or medical procedure, or suffers from chronic pain or physically limiting conditions. Discovering that the benefits of massage therapy are still available to them is an experience that many people in recovery and rehabilitation find extraordinarily helpful –not only for their bodies, but for their sense of confidence and hope, as well.

Of course, it’s not necessary to be in recovery in order to enjoy the sensations of a water massage. Being floated through a relaxing warm pool and yielding to guided movements with the help of a certified Watsu therapist is something anyone can enjoy, whether you’re young or old, active or stationery –and many expectant mothers find the treatment beneficial, as well. Take advantage of a massage therapy environment that enhances everything you love about massage and eliminates its shortcomings. Call Aqua Care for Me today at (310) 210-0624 and get in touch with the healing power of one of the most important and amazing –yet all too often overlooked– resources on Earth. Your mind and body will reward you in and out of the pool.