Jun 26th

Watsu Versus a Standard Table Massage

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When imagining a relaxing massage, most people are likely to call to mind a standard massage table and all of its usual trappings. But increasingly, those seeking relaxation and relief from chronic pain are turning to a new medium for massage: the water. So-called Watsu massage, which was developed in the 1980s by Shiatsu therapist Harold Dull, is gaining a considerable following in many parts of the world, and has helped scores of people unable to fully enjoy the intended benefits of massage performed on the land. This type of massage blends the popular treatment of Shiatsu with the uniquely beneficial environment of warm water, creating a soothing and pleasant experience that can both help strengthen the massage’s benefits and deliver results for people with certain injuries and conditions.

There are many techniques available for standard table-top massage, most of which involve a number of movements and positions that the client must assume. While some people may be able to go through these motions easily, others can experience increased discomfort and frustration due to sore backs, spinal injuries, and other problems. With the help of warm water, however, clients become essentially weightless, and can easily explore a greater range of motion without subjecting their joints and delicate muscle tissue to stress and strain. During a typical Watsu session, clients are gently manipulated, stretched, and guided through movements that encourage deep relaxation and help release tension, often resulting in decreased pain, elevated energy levels and mood, and easier mobility on land.

The healing touch of human hands is an important component of traditional massage, and this element carries over into the world of Watsu. Practitioners like Elina Root of Aqua Care for Me help make clients feel comfortable and respected, and create individualized, one-on-one sessions to ensure that clients are able to work towards their personal goals. Through the power of the human touch along with this compassionate connection, clients are able to open up to the full potential of their bodies and minds, releasing stress and tension and realizing a profound state of relaxation. As the warm water keeps clients buoyant and fully protected from falls and painful or jostling movements, the body and mind are free to focus on achieving greater a greater range of motion and a more comfortable, confident existence.

Just as exercising in the water can be a great way to supplement a regular fitness regimen and reduce strain placed on muscles and joints, enjoying Watsu massages in the water can deliver excellent benefits without the drawbacks that sometimes accompany land-based treatments. Aqua Care for Me, which serves Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, North Hollywood, and Southbay, is equipped with everything needed to get started with Watsu. Relief and relaxation in soothing warm water in the hands of trained professionals can have a major, positive influence on your life. Discover the possibilities with Aqua Care for Me by calling (310) 210-0624. It’s time to take your massage therapy to a new environment!